PSU Green Zebra Grocery

Green Zebra is the new kid in the sub-genre of authentic shopping. It can be equated to New Seasons and Whole foods in terms of offering groceries as well as prepared food, but offers a smaller, incredibly well selected mix based on the wants and needs of each unique neighborhood. Since customers walk or bike from within a 1-mile radius, they make frequent trips purchasing a few items rather than infrequent, cart-worthy trips. This mentality is a switch from shopping for food on a list to discovering new things based on what appeals to your stomach at that very moment. Although this is not the way most suburban Americans shop, it’s the way urban foodies and people on a time crunch do. Actually, it’s the way the rest of the world shops. Throw your shopping list out the window. Discover what you’re hungry for. This is where spontaneous appetites go to shop. 

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