So, let's talk about doing the 'impossible,' because why not, right? I'm the kind of person who hears 'you can't,' and my first thought is, 'Watch me.' Determination and dedication are my power duo – they've helped me conquer challenges that were supposed to be off-limits.
Picture this: young me, being told girls can't be on the wrestling team. Cue my inner rebel waking up. I didn't even care about wrestling until then, but suddenly I was all in. First year? Yeah, I lost every match, no big deal. That just fueled my crazy work ethic during the off-season. Round two comes along, and I'm undefeated up to regionals, where I snag 4th place. Nationals?, I rocked 7th. When I set a goal, it's pretty much as good as done.
And hey, that 'never settle' attitude spills into everything. You'll catch me lifting at the gym (I'm kind of addicted), diving into ambitious DIY projects at home, and probably planning my next Halloween costume way too early. Life's too short not to love the spooky stuff.
When I'm not busy breaking records, I'm all about design. Taking ideas and making them real, that's my jam. I've been a part of building 3 brands within a fortune 200 company, and have ran an entire clothing MLM business on social media reaching the top 2% of that company. But it's not just about the work – it's about the journey, the grind, and chasing excellence like it owes me money.
So, if you're on the lookout for a teammate who's into smashing goals as much as having a good time, give me a shout at Let's turn those 'you can'ts' into 'heck yeah, watch me.'

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